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Reviews & Press Coverage

"[My Favorite Place is] A book that nicely conveys a child's joy during a perfect day at the beach." - Kirkus Reviews

"Nilanka's visit was the highlight of our storytelling and author unit!  The children loved hearing her story of becoming an author and were truly inspired to start writing! Nilanka was very engaging and used the children's interests and questions to drive her presentation.  Nilanka's books are all based on topics the children can easily relate to and learn from. We were so thankful she was able to come share her talents with us!" - Courtney Mayon, Pre-school teacher at Children's House of Los Altos, Los Altos, California, US

"Nilanka's visit to our library was interactive and fun for all the participants. Her books are written so that young children can relate to them and enjoy them. She has carefully thought through her activities and songs that she pairs with the stories." - Rose Baiza, Supervising Librarian, Children's Services, Los Altos Library, Los Altos, California, US

"[When Rover Lost His Woof] is a fun, playful book with a positive message about dealing with a setback. A trusted helper facilitates the successful recovery.” - Chad Balch, BookTree, San Francisco, California, US

"Children’s House students at TMS School, in Richmond Hill, ON enjoyed having stories read to them by author, Nilanka Maldeniya.  Students listened to several stories written by Nilanka, based on her own children’s experiences, one of whom who used to attend TMS when she is younger. Students loved listening to the stories, discussing the pictures and doing the movement activities that related to the books.  Many students were heard saying, “I loved the dancing part the best,” when asked what they enjoyed about the presentation.  We look forward to hearing about Ms. Maldeniya’s future stories!" - Krista Werner, TMS School Librarian, Toronto, Canada 

"Loyola loved having Nilanka come visit our Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten students.  The kids enjoyed her interactive presentation.  Dancing when she read “My Favorite Dance” was a highlight.  “When Rover Lost His Woof” was a favorite of all.  Thank you Nilanka!!" - Ginger Case, Loyola Elementary School Librarian, Los Altos, California, US

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