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Interactive learning is a form of hands-on learning where students directly engage with the materials, concepts and principles.

Games like Word Scramble, Word Match, and Mazes are a simple, fun and stimulating way for children in the K-2 class range to build and exercise their language and problem solving skills.

Connecting these types of educational games to recently enjoyed stories make concepts easier to grasp and helps with vocabulary, retention and recall.

Letters Close Up


Here you will find lists of words taken from several of my books. The catch is that the words are all muddled up - and students have to unscramble them! The scrambles have clues too - try covering those up to make this activity more challenging.

Wood and Brick Street Art


Children of all ages will be intrigued and challenged by this set of mazes that come in varying levels of difficulty. A fun way to build problem-solving skills.

Letter Print


Match up pictures with the correct words in this game. An easy and great way to reinforce vocabulary learned from reading the stories.

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