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A Bit About Me

I wrote the book My Favorite Place while daydreaming about my favorite place during a boring legal meeting. I'm a lawyer by day and usually write contracts or review documents while sitting in places I don't want to write about. That story somehow morphed into the My Favorite series. Quite soon afterwards I found myself jotting down notes for Riana's Adventures, adding to my standalone titles When Rover Lost his Woof and Klaus the Mouse which I had written and filed away in a shoebox years earlier!

The My Favorite books and Riana's Adventures stories are inspired by my very adorable daughters Kiara and Talia. They (and their friends) see and enjoy the world the way everybody should, and I'm lucky they're taking me along for the ride.

What's interesting about me?

I'd say there's enough fodder for at least a few stories.

But here's a snippet: 

I was almost born in Tanzania, was actually born in Sri Lanka, did half my growing up in the United Arab Emirates, and the other half in Canada. I've eventfully travelled England, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Hawaii and Japan. Now I live in California with my husband and the two funny little girls I mentioned earlier.

If after all that you're thinking I should be writing some travel themed books, you're not the only one. Maybe that's next!

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