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Go ahead, pinch me.

If you're here and reading this, it means that my wildest, most cherished dream is coming true - my childrens' books will be hitting real and online shelves in a couple of months! When I go in, I go ALL in though, so it's not just one book - it's 7! I'm hoping the 7 will turn into many more...

Growing up, my favorite subject in school was always English. I was glad to have one class where I was actually praised for daydreaming and for capturing my sometimes-way-out-there thoughts on paper. I remember my English teachers were always picking my work to be read out in class. That caused me great consternation because which tween/teen likes being singled out and publicly praised? The social implications of that seemed grave. At least I never had to worry about that with my awful math assignments...

Fast forward decades later and I'm willingly volunteering myself to read out my stories to you. I guess you don't realize some dreams are dreams until you don't get to do them anymore. I'm just happy I stopped talking about dreams and did something about it.

Now that I've started, there's no going back. Writing is fun, it's therapeutic, and just plain wonderful. Plus I've become very attached to my characters and they insist on hanging around me, whispering new ideas in my ear, even when it's not convenient. The last time that happened I was grocery shopping and had to break out a toilet paper roll to scribble on (I'd forgotten my phone at home). Needless to say, the staff of my friendly neighborhood store look at me just a bit differently now....

I hope you continue to visit and read these doodles. And I especially hope you start and continue to read my stories which I'm no longer embarrassed to read out loud.